Most Def One of a Kind, I have things in my heart I wish people could read before they judge me, but at the end of the day I'm me, and happy about it!!!!! Clippers, a comb, and a genuine smile are the first few things you see when you’re greeted by Edward Hamilton. A native of Augusta, GA, Edward (B.B.) Hamilton always dreamed and believed that one day he would become a successful professional barber. It all began at the age of 12 when B.B. would hang around the barbershop and watch his uncle cut hair. While sweeping the floors, B.B. became intrigued with what his uncle could do with a pair of clippers and started thinking that one day he could be doing the same thing. By the age of 16, B.B. started cutting hair

himself and set up shop in his mother’s kitchen where he became known as the neighborhood

barber. Over time, B.B. has tweaked and perfected (and is still perfecting) his style of cutting by

watching and learning from other barbers.


Moving to Richmond, VA from Augusta with only the necessities of life taught B.B. not only how to exercise his faith, but how to be creative in his approach to achieving a dream. Through the time he has spent in the city, B.B. has developed a strong network of barbers, stylists and other hair

care professionals that he can rely on to add value to his growth and advancement in the

industry.  His talents have proven to be recognized by those around him, and his eye for

precision is demonstrated in his ability to judge various barber competitions. Being humble

and a man of faith, B.B. realizes that we are all blessed in order to be a blessing to others. He

continuously takes time to mentor new barbers and demonstrate the professionalism

necessary to be successful in the barber industry. 

Taking time to impart the knowledge of this craft to other barbers brings B.B.’s experience full 

circle. What he saw in his uncle all those years ago still drive him to this day and he loves

being able to share that joy with others. Hard work, determination and persistence has

allowed BB to become the elite barber that he is today. AND JUST KNOW, THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING!!!